Abu Dhabi Growth Fund (ADG)

Established as a global investment fund and owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, ADG actively pursues a strategy that focuses on generating consistently high financial returns.

about us

Abu Dhabi Growth Fund is a sovereign investment fund established by ADQ in July 2021 with the mandate of pursuing a differentiated investment strategy to generate high financial returns for ADG’s shareholder, the Abu Dhabi Government. A new sovereign investor, ADG has a unique risk profile that complements the existing Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth funds.

In line with its fundamental mandate for growth, ADG invests primarily in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and public equities. We actively seek high-return opportunities by partnering with best-in-class fund managers and leading entrepreneurs and corporates across the world.

ADG has an agile approach to investing, with a seasoned team that brings decades of successful investment experience and unique networks across asset classes, sectors and geographies.

our mandate

Our principal mandate is to generate high financial returns for our shareholder through an investment strategy that captures multiple different opportunities including growth, value and special situations.

We are a global investor, actively deploying capital primarily into illiquid and liquid equity strategies while remaining sector and geography agnostic.

We pursue an investment strategy focused primarily across a spectrum of sub-asset classes in equities. We deliver this by investing in leading funds and pursuing financially attractive direct and co-investment opportunities.

Our core structure is designed to be nimble to swiftly respond to high-return opportunities. ADG develops strong conviction on all its investments by leveraging our partners and the collective investment experience of its team over the years.